Wanda L. Scott is a woman you want to hear & learn from when you are seeking out women in IT. She has over 20 years experience building, designing, administering, training and Teaching complex systems. Coupled with her  years of Leadership and hands-on experience, ADD course development and technology integration, & you have a winning formula for classroom innovation! 

Speaking & Consulting

Communicate, Lead & Redefine YOU!

Throughout Wanda’s career she experienced constant growth, forward movement and change. Previous positions in corporate America have sharpened her Leadership, Customer Relations and Training skills. She has worked with customers in the area of Technology and Account Management in large corporations, such as Bridgestone and Microsoft to government agencies such as the IRS and U.S. Department of State.

Then Wanda knew it was time for a change, even though everyone thought she was crazy to walk away from such a demanding, successful and lucrative career at Microsoft. So Wanda leveraged her previous experiences and took them into the college classroom as an Assistant Professor in Computer Networking. Her passion for education demanded excellence in her classrooms setting a standard for curriculum that pushed past just computer networking knowledge, to demonstration of communication and collaboration skills needed to be successful in corporate America. During this 2nd phase of her career, Wanda also recognized the need to mentor, encourage and champion the call for Women in IT; organizing student groups at her college and speaking at Technology conferences on resilience and diversity.  This exposure along with the growing number of published books propelled Wanda out into full-time entrepreneurship. Once again Wanda redefined herself walking away from the comfortable to pursue “GREATER”.














Now Wanda travels, empowering, educating and encouraging others with practical experience on how to communicate, lead, transition and redefine YOU. She is active in the greater Nashville area as well, using her passion for higher education within community organizations providing College Preparation courses spanning from Digital Literacy to Study Skills, and developing curriculum to train High School students in Tech Camps. She also uses the skills she has developed to do training for corporations like Nissan.  

Wanda knows how to reach an audience and can coach others with vigor preparing them to realize the dreams and plans God has placed in their hearts.  Wanda L. Scott knows how to educate and will captivate you with her dynamic and down to earth delivery.

Education  & Technology Integration

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Wanda L. Scott is an Educator, Leader, & purveyor of Technology. Wanda was an Asst. Professor at Nashville State Community College, and is now an adjunct professor while growing her business & ministry. Ms. Scott has owned businesses that specialized in technology and its incorporation into the educational environment. Currently with WE, LLC Wanda develops custom curriculum, is a Keynote Speaker, and Author of five books. She is also the Chief Learning Officer at Simple Technology Solutions in Washington, DC.

Wanda L. Scott has a unique ability to not only grasp & master technology, but also to use it for instruction and harness its ability to fuel education.  She does technology, but is passionate about education.  She knows how to  help others utilize technology in instruction so that it is effective and empowering. 

Instructional Strategies and Technology Integration are her passion. Ms. Scott has worked with Middle School teachers up to her College Colleagues to help them integrate technology into the classroom using sound instructional best practices. Ms. Scott’s experience in technology covers a wide range of skills that span over twenty years.  She has consistently taken the knowledge gained through study and customer experience, and trained industry professionals on the latest technologies.  She has trained customers in the area of technology in large corporations, such as Bridgestone/Firestone and Microsoft to government agencies such as the IRS and U.S. Department of State.


Ms. Scott holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Hampton University. Ms. Scott has her Masters of Education from Johns Hopkins University with a concentration in Technology Leadership in Education.  Ms. Scott also maintains several industry certifications.  Ms. Scott also has a graduate Certificate in Minority Leadership Development from Johns Hopkins. She is a Microsoft Technology Associate, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and a Microsoft Certified Educator.  She is also a Cisco Certified Instructor.

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