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Wanda L. Scott @WandaEmpowers

Mind | Soul | Spirit

Wanda L. Scott

The Empowerment Coach for Busy Women

Strong EQ breeds optimism and resiliency, vital traits for navigating the ups and downs that come with running a business and leading people. Many entrepreneurs ultimately succeed or fail based almost entirely on their skills and personality. Industry knowledge is important, but business is built on relationships.

Women business owners & women seeking top level executive positions need to improve their emotional competency because it enlarges their ability to:

  • Practice mind-body strategies to cope with pressure

  • Build trust through relationship management

  • Negotiate your time & set client boundries

  • Authentically influence others

  • Position themselves through self-awareness to thrive

A test of workplace skills by TalentSmart determined that, "Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.”


Emotional and Social skills can be cultivated into extraordinary success in the entrepreneur world.


Coaching will empower you to build your social and emotional intelligence through:

  • Improving Emotional Literacy 

  • Have Emotionally Intelligent Conversations

  • Recognizing Action-Reaction Patterns 

  • Maintaining Emotional Balance 

  • Recognizing People Needs and Processes Alignment

Mind Story Map

Empowerment Coaching

Coach Wanda masterfully uses Emotional Intelligence and brain science to help her clients bring balance between their head and heart.  This redefining process looks at how we learn new patterns and narratives as we bring control to the emotion --> thought process. 


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