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Finding Your Power Within


RESILIENCE: Finding Your Power Within speaks to the heart of women and minorities in fields where they find themselves out-numbered and seemingly alone. Wanda L. Scott opens up her life of experiences as a Network Support Engineer, and reveals how the stress, demands, mindsets and unchecked behavior propelled her to Greater!


Wanda's Notes from the Field offers practical advice and perspective that we all need to find our power within.

RESILIENCE shows us how perspective, emotional intelligence (EI), knowing our value, stress, mindfullness & mentorship all factor into a recipe forward.

What People are saying about RESILIENCE!

“It’s a quick read, but a challenging read for someone truly wanting to make a positive change. I say that because many of the principles you present require real work to implement. So many people have a “microwave mindset” today, expecting quick fixes and instant respect. Some things require you to dig deep, seek to control what needs to be controlled from the inside out...and earn what must be earned. Not a quick journey for sure, but a worthy one.

Thanks for sharing some of your journey - it will help others who are willing to truly invest in themselves.”

Reginald O. Isaac
Director | Microsoft Charlotte Campus

“I strongly believe all female professionals should have a tribe of women with whom they can exchange ideas and advice, without fear of judgment. In RESILIENCE: Finding Your Power Within, Wanda graciously shares her knowledge with us, in the real talk for which she is known. I encourage readers to take advantage of her timeless advice, and share it with members of your own tribe. I use it as my own secret weapon, and now, you can use it as yours.”


Sonia Mundra

President, Chenega Analytic Business Solutions

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