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21 Identity Principles

Agreeing With Who and What God Says We Are!

"Wanda Scott has..... made us aware that our spiritual identity is at risk. She documents and exposes the many seductive temptations of our culture..... This book ... is a powerful resource for church leaders and young people to know , claim and protect their true idenity."
"We are in a fight for truth and God-reality.  Mental habits are formed by people training us to get what we think we have coming to us as a child.  We desperately need books like this that challenge us to discipline our minds to think God, who God is, and what God is doing in and among us."

 - Dr. Gene Rice, Ph. D.

Professor of Old Testament Language & Literature

Howard University Shool of Divinity

- Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington

Senior Pastor, Reid Temple AME Church

Glen Dale, MD

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Agreement for Abundant Life

In her latest publication Life and Love, Wanda L. Scott takes a very real look at the choices we make in the grey areas of our lives. In this first book of The Identity for Life Series of books Wanda lays out for us the scripture that feeds us the fundamentals of our Christ identity.

  • Each book gives Identity Principles and shows us how the word of God applies to our everyday living walking in love toward God and others.  

  • There is a specific focus on agreement with God’s Word and how that lays the foundation for personal accountability and our responsibility to those we come in contact with every day.

When we do this we walk as witnesses who have received the love, grace and forgiveness of God through Christ Jesus.


"Wanda L. Scott is indeed a blessing to the body of Christ, whom for me represents a symbiotic connection in the spirit. She articulates a kingdom perspective that is long overdue for the Christian development.  The heart of God’s people now focuses on the purity of God’s authority, power, and nature through His children. Her WISDOM and PRACTICAL application through the spirit of the Lord draws Christians away from tradition and into a real relationship. The material covers a vast region of introspective reflection accompanied by reader involvement. This is not just an informative work, but also a collaborative effort on the behalf of anyone who takes serious their journey to a deeper revelation."

 - Elder Daniel Miree, Executive Pastor

    Spirit & Truth Believer’s Fellowship

    Nashville, TN

Agreeing With God for Power to Obtain His Promises!

Power to Obtain God's Promises

In her latest publication Power and Promise, the 2nd book in the Identity for Life Teaching Series, Wanda continues to build us up in the Word of God. Power and Promise compels us to experience more of God’s power in our everyday lives.

  • Agreement with God’s Word helps us understand the power that is provided by the Holy Spirit to fulfill ALL the promises we inherit through grace and obedience. 

  • The 28 Identity Principles in Power and Promise enable you to agree with God for power to obtain His promises.

Since we have received the love and forgiveness of God through Christ Jesus, we are also partakers of His Power to bring the kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven!

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