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Wanda L. Scott is a woman you want to hear & learn from when you are seeking to be empowered. Her passion for guiding people to do the hard work that builds emotional intelligence, healing, wholeness and authenticity in people has her in high demand!
Wanda's journey in IT, Education and the Community fuels her insight and creative delivery. 

Coaching & Consulting

Communicate, Lead & Redefine YOU!

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Wanda L. Scott brings deep expertise from her career navigating diverse environments that demanded immediate and critical resolution visible from the C-Suite to the everyday worker.  Her ability to communicate technical issues led her from the executive suite to the college classroom. Wanda’s experiences as an imbedded full-time contractor within the federal government gives her key insights into the unique challenges that government managers and leaders face and informs her coaching, facilitation and leadership development work today. Wanda brings 25 years of expertise in managing customer expectations, managing people, and building knowledgeable workers in high demand environments. She has a proven track record of helping her clients become more self-aware, build on their strengths and become better communicators influencing change. Wanda also brings seven years of adjunct & fulltime experience as a College Professor at a state institution to her education repertoire. Areas of interest and expertise include interpersonal communication, ethical & inclusive leadership, emotional intelligence, diversity, and relationship building, and she is frequently sought after to speaker on these topics.  








Now Wanda travels, empowering, educating and encouraging others with practical experience on how to communicate, lead, transition and redefine YOU. Wanda knows how to reach an audience and can coach others with vigor preparing them to realize the dreams and plans God has placed in their hearts.  Wanda L. Scott knows how to educate and will captivate you with her dynamic and down to earth delivery.

Wanda L. Scott Certifications
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