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EQ Individual & Group Coaching

Wanda L. Scott

The Empowerment Coach

Strong EQ breeds optimism and resiliency, vital traits for navigating the ups and downs that come with everyday life. Emotional Intelligence helps you live your life in balance. 

 We all need to improve our emotional competency because it enlarges capacity to:

  • cope with pressure

  • build trust

  • negotiate

  • influence others

  • take smart risks

Coaching will empower you to build your social and emotional intelligence through:

  • Improving Emotional Literacy 

  • Recognizing Action-Reaction Patterns 

  • Maintaining Emotional Balance 

  • Recognizing People Needs 

What is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we:

  • Perceive and express ourselves

  • Develop and maintain social relationships

  • Cope with challenges

  • Use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way


It is a predictor of success in life and work.

What is the EQ-i 2.0 Model? 

The EQ-i 2.0 measures five distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning:

  • Self-Perception – understanding your emotions

  • Self-Expression – expressing your emotions

  • Interpersonal – develop and maintain relationships

  • Decision Making – use emotions to make better decisions

  • Stress Management – cope with challenges

Wanda is EQ-i 2.0/360 Certified to deliver your assessment. Her coaching will help you transform the information into action to bring your EQ into balance.

EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Certified

The EQi 2.0 Model Inventory is:

  • A way to accurately assess strengths and blind spots

  • A predictable way to measures current level of emotional and social functioning

  • A vehicle for developing effectiveness in order to improve performance

The Emotional Quotient 360 (EQ 360) is an emotional intelligence assessment that allows leaders to receive feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and others on how they leverage their emotional intelligence.

“A lot of people are exposed to emotional intelligence…but not many people talk about mastering your emotions & living in balance. Those two things to me, I never thought about them going hand-in-hand, but through the one-on-one sessions and even the group sessions…living in balance has come to life for me.

This was unlike any other program I have done related to emotional intelligence.”

Ranieka Weston
Talent Management and Development | Executive Leadership Coach

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