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This coaching package will help you accept and nurture this time of singleness. You will receive one-on-one coaching and guidance as we explore your life of relationships (friendships, family, work & intimate). You will gain insight and practical tools that will help your emotional & mental well-being. Based on your life situation, we will tailor a coaching package to meet your need in this season of singleness. You will be empowered with peace in your singleness!

  1. Weekly One-Hour Focus Session

  2. Education in Understanding your Identity in Jesus Christ

  3. Education on Understanding and Nurturing your Relationship with Lord

  4. Assistance with understanding God’s Perspective on Singleness

  5. Assistance with your Realization of the beauty in Singleness

  6. Encouragement for Persistence in your Renewed Understanding of singleness

  7. Assisting with Empowering Peace in Singleness

  8. Assistance with Understanding "What Do I Do Now?"

"God is the most positive influence of truth that we can have, & any actions, emotions or behaviors we learn from Him will instruct us in the best relationship possible."


The God Influence, "I" Can Relate: How Not to Lose Yourself in Relationships

- Wanda L. Scott

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